New Blog; New Supplies

New Blog; New Supplies

I am really enjoying writing this blog.  I'm having fun with it and learning a whole lot of new and fun drinks!  It also gives me the excuse to buy some of those cool "cocktail" tools and books that are out there.  Luckily I already have 2 great cocktail books, but while I was at a liquor store yesterday I decided to purchase a Bartenders Book, cocktail strainer and spoon stirrer!  These new tools make me feel official and look like I  really know what I'm doing.

This blog also gives me the opportunity to buy a couple new and fun cocktail glasses!  I bought myself a Hurricane Glass, Champagne Flute and the third one in this picture is actually......a bud vase, but I thought it looked like a fun glass to drink out of so I just might give it a shot one time.

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  1. I'm going to have to admit to a LOL here. I have a glass outlet here (mostly Anchor Hocking stuff, but lots of random awesome breakable things!). I have glasses/cups/random bits of sparkle that I have NO clue what the actual use for is, but they sure were pretty and look amazing in my cabinet :D