Thursday, May 24, 2012

Caramel Appletini

Day 99

Caramel Appletini
4 shots out of 5

I'm not sure if I should be excited that today marks day 99.......or kind of sad for my liver, haha.  Anyways, I've decided that I'm excited about it!  I can not believe that I've made and tried 99 cocktails so far and there is still soooo many more out there that need to be tried!

I gave tonight's cocktail 4 shots out of 5.  A way to fancy up the cocktail would be to swirl caramel inside the cocktail glass before you pour your cocktail in, but I didn't have any.  Would have been a yummy, nice touch though.  I received this recipe from one of my readers, Marie.  Thank You Marie!  This is a yummy cocktail indeed.  It's kind of funny because every other sip I can taste either the apple or the butterscotch more then the other, then vise versa.  Either way this is a pretty darn good cocktail.  If you liked my Appletini I had made back in March, I think you may like this one too (as long as you like butterscotch that is).

Here is the recipe for a Caramel Appletini:

  • 1 shot vodka (Marie's recipe calls for Apple Vodka, but I don't have any)
  • 1 shot apple pucker
  • 1 shot butterscotch schnapps
In a shaker add ice, vodka, apple pucker and butterscotch schnapps.  Shake everything up real well.  Strain into a martini glass.

Here is a photo of the end result:

Here is a photo of the ingredients:

Cheers to you Marie and your Caramel Appletini!  Just wish I had the caramel to drizzle in the glass ahead of time.

The Cocktail Lady


  1. day 99!! congratulations!!
    this looks awesome.

  2. How is your liver now, three years later?
    Thanks for this interesting recipe.