As blogging is something I truly enjoy, it does unfortunately cost money to maintain.  I love inventing new cocktail recipes, trying your recipes you send in and telling you all about new and fun things I've found.  

There are costs to doing all of this though.  Some of those cost are purchasing of alcohol, liqueurs, mixes, garnishes, barware, etc.  As well as website design, web hosting, recipe cards and more.  Having these costs and being a stay at home mom doesn't pay these bills.  With these different Affiliate Groups, I can get paid for my purchases and my time as well.

What Does All Of This Mean?

It simply means that I am still me.  I am, have been and ALWAYS will be completely 100% true and honest with you.  When I am sent a free item to review, I do just that.  I tell you exactly what I think about that item, period.  With items that are sent to me, I do not get paid to give you my opinion.  I do not get paid at all.  I only receive free product in hopes that I will review it and blog about it.  I promise you now and always that I will tell you exactly what I think about each product.

OK, But Didn't You Say Something About You Getting Paid By Affiliate Groups?

Yes!  That is something completely different.  Let me explain.  An Affiliate Group is one that I  have joined and will occasionally tell you about and post links to products they sell.  If you do click on a link that I have posted it will take you to their site to check out the product.  Anything you purchase through that link, I will get a small percentage of.  The items are at their normal retail value, their prices are not raised so that I can get a kick back.  Basically you are not paying more to shop through my links, cause that would suck and make no sense.  

A Year Of Cocktails is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com

What Groups Are Your Affiliate Partnerships With?

Why These Affiliates?

Good question!!  Here's why: 

Amazon is where I buy most of my stuff from.  I love Amazon, from the products to the customer service.  They're a great company!

Templates Builder is who built my template, so of course I'd recommend them!

Winc is the wine club that I am a member of.  I love this club.....seriously!  Ask me about them!

Wine2Go | Flask2Go........really?  Do you need to ask?  It's all in the name!

Beau-coup & Swoozie (they're a package deal) sells all different kinds of things.  A lot of personalized stuff (which I think is neat), plus they have a variety of cocktail items from shot glasses, drinking glasses, mini martini glasses, shakers and more!

Squatty Potty, OK, we all know they don't sell cocktail stuff, but we are a Squatty Potty loving family!

ShareASale is where I have partnered up with half of these affiliates, so I like what they do and would love to share that with anyone looking to sell their products or earn extra $$ selling others products.

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