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Husky Vodka

I received a bottle of Husky Vodka in the mail the other day.  I will admit that I have never heard of it until now.  

I opened up the package and thought, what a cool bottle with that paw print on the front.  

I poured a little into a glass and took a sip.  I will admit that this vodka did go down pretty smooth.  When I have tasted straight vodkas in the past a lot of them force me to cringe and make "that face".  Husky vodka did not.  I think this vodka is good and would make some pretty good cocktails.

Another thing I like about this bottle is that once you open the top, it has a plastic insert inside the tip that allows you to pour your vodka at a slower pace instead of completely over pouring when you are measuring.  Oh and I love the paw print on the top too.

I was also sent some information on the vodka.  Did you know that Husky Vodka donated $1 from each and every bottle that is sold to local dog rescue shelters?  I think that's pretty cool!  What they're doing is helping these dogs get what they need (food, shelter, medical care) until they are found loving homes.  Nice work Husky!

All in all I am impressed with the flavor, look and what the people at Husky are doing for dogs at dog shelters.

If you want to check them out for yourself, here are a few links. (as of 3/15/2017 this link no longer works so I removed it)

Thank You Husky Vodka for sending me a bottle of your vodka!!


The Cocktail Lady


Arctic Chill Ice Ball

Happy Monday everyone!  I was contacted again by Arctic Chill to review another one of their items.  Back in November I reviewed their Stainless Steel Muddler which I used to make my very first Mojito.

In the mail I received a box of 4 BPA free Silicone Ice Ball Makers.  They all looked like this one:

I filled them all up with water and found out that you are not supposed to fill them up completely to the top.  Once filled completely, I poured out a little bit of water so that during the freezing process the water wouldn't come out of the hole on the top and spill onto the drawer they were sitting on.  I still haven't perfected that yet, but either way it's not a big deal if they do spill out.  Ice is easy to pick up and toss into the sink.

Here is what one of my ice balls looked like:

Some of them had cracks in them, some did not.  The ones that did have cracks were absolutely fine to use.  The cracks did not go all the way through the ice balls so they did not crumble when I removed them from their mold.  The ice balls are pretty easy to remove from their molds.  You can basically peel back the sides a little and the ice ball will come out.  Only 1 time out of 8 did I need to run warm water over the outside of the mold for 2 seconds to release the ice ball.  

Here is a photo of the mold after I removed one of the ice balls from it:

All in all, I think these molds are great.  Last weekend I hosted a small brunch and made a punch in a punch bowl.  I used 4 of these ice balls to chill my punch and they worked perfect.   They took their time melting which was nice because I didn't want my punch watered down.  These Arctic Chill Ice Ball Makers would make a great gift for that person who has everything, or even for that person who doesn't.

Thank you again Rizzi for sending me another great product!


Partee of Four

I am an arts and crafts kind of girl.  You wouldn't know it now-a-days as my four children have me running non-stop  I "used to" have a lot of time to scrapbook (which I absolutely loved to do), when I had my first son.....oh my, every single monumental thing that would happen to him would be photographed, taped into his scrapbook along with too many stickers, decorative paper, etc.  I LOVED IT!  Then my second son came and I started on his a good amount of pages into it and that's where it sat.  Makes me sad.......I haven't even started on the girls (and honestly am not sure if/that I will).  

That is why I am in love with what a friend of mine, Stacey Martinez, is doing!  She is making home made cards, invitations, thank you notes, announcements, stationary, holiday cards and more!  She has turned her passion into her own company, Partee of Four, and I couldn't be happier for her.  She has her own page on Facebook as well as her own Etsy shop!  I asked her to send me a couple samples of Cocktail Party Invitations (I mean what else would I ask for really??) so that I could share with you all the creative work she does.  

This is what she sent me:

Aren't they cute??

Peace Love & Cocktails........couldn't have said it better myself!

Love the green martini glass!

Of course you could run out to the store and buy an 8-pack of cards.  Sure you could send and evite.......but how about for your next party send out something that will really catch their eye and have you guests talking?!  

Check out Stacey's creations at her Etsy shop here.  She also wants to give the first two people who order from her Etsy shop FREE SHIPPING on your entire order!  All you have to do is mention that you saw this review when you order and she'll ship it out to you for free!


Arctic Chill Muddler

I was contacted by Arctic Chill and asked if I would like to review their Arctic Chill Muddler.  I own a wooden muddler (haven't used it yet) and never thought of a muddler being anything but wood, let alone stainless steel with a nylon head.  When I received the initial email and it said "It's way better than your traditional wooden muddler as these can often start to degrade and leave residue in your cocktails" I thought, EEEWWWW!  It had never crossed my mind that a wooden muddler could/would do that over time.....but of course it could and that does NOT sound appealing at all.

I recently used this muddler to make my mojito and I must say that the smooth stainless steel grip on this muddler is nice.  It has a nice sleek design and I like that the nylon head is not smooth like my wooden muddler, but is grooved which helps in breaking apart the leaves or fruit you are trying to muddle.  

Here is a close up of what the Arctic Chill muddler looks like:

If you are in the market for a muddler, I would say that this is a good muddler to purchase.  Did I mention that it comes with a lifetime guarantee?

Thank You Rizzi for sending me this amazing muddler!!

I think this would be a great gift idea for a cocktail enthusiast on your holiday list!


Whiskey by John Lamond

I was sent a book to review a while ago named: Whiskey by John Lamond.  As the cover of the book reads, you will become an "Instant Expert" of Whiskey once you have finished reading this book.

Inside you will find a wide range of information about Whiskey:

You will learn everything from, "What's in Whiskey?", "Why it's spelled Whiskey sometimes and others just Whisky".  You will learn about the different types of whiskey (I honestly didn't realize how many different types there were!), different barrels tried and used as well as Glencairn Glasses.  There are also a few whiskey cocktail recipes in the back, a few of which I have not yet made (stay tuned for those).

If you are a whiskey enthusiast or just simply enjoy a good whiskey and want to learn more about it, this is a good informational book to check out.  This book retails at $16.95 and can be purchased through the publisher's site, Princeton Architectural Press.  You can also search amazon for this book and find for a bit less.

I must say that I did learn quite a few things about whiskey from this book.  I also think the yellow elastic band connected to the book is an awesome touch.  This book is a nice smaller sized 144 page informational book that I will enjoy showing to friends and family who are curious about......well just about anything whiskey.

Thank You for sending over this book for me to read through!  I appreciate it!!


Parrot Bay Frozen Cocktails

I was sent these three Parrot Bay Frozen cocktails to try and review.  I'm sure you've seen them at the grocery/liquor stores before.  They look like adult sized Capri Suns.  I was excited to try these three flavors as I love Piña Colada, I really enjoy berry daiquiri's and I have never tried a frozen citrus daiquiri before.

Basically what you do is stick the pouches in your freezer for about eight hours.  After that you squeeze the pouches until the frozen drink inside becomes loosened/slushy.  All that is left to do is cut open the top (or totally treat it like a Capri Sun and poke a hole in it and insert a straw) and squeeze your frozen cocktail out and into a glass to enjoy.

These pouches, in my opinion, are pretty awesome.  No messy blender to clean and no measuring, all of that is done for you.

The three flavors I received were Citrus Daiquiri, Berry Daiquiri and Piña Colada.  I have to say all three flavors are amazing.  I was surprised that I liked the citrus daiquiri as much as I did.  I think the berry daiquiri and piña colada are my favorites (not sure which one I like better, I think it would definitely depend on the mood I was in), followed closely by the citrus daiquiri.  

All in all, I would definitely purchase these items and even try their other flavors in the future.  These are quick and easy cocktails to make and enjoy and are definitely Cocktail Lady approved!

Here are some photos of what I got and what they look like in glasses:

These Parrot Bay Frozen cocktails are fantastic, I hope you get to try one soon!


The Cocktail Lady



Five Lakes Vodka

I was sent this bottle of Five Lakes Vodka a couple weeks ago.  Then the flu hit our house and we've been trying to survive it ever since.  Now that I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I can actually step away and try some vodka!  Here is a photo of the bottle they sent:

Click here to read more about Five Lakes Vodka.



Belaya Rus

I was contacted by the good people at Belaya Rus Vodka and asked if they could send me a bottle of their vodka to try and review on my blog.  I happily agreed and over came the vodka.   This what I received:

Click here to read more about Belaya Rus Vodka!!

SAMU Thai Coconut Water

I was contacted by SAMU Thai Coconut Water and asked if they could send me a case of their Coconut Water to try and review.  I gladly said yes and told my husband about it.  He LOVES coconut water and has tried a few different ones.  I have tried sips of the different coconut waters he has brought home along with him, so I kind of assumed that this one would taste like the rest.  I was wrong.  Click here to read more......


I was sent a Vinturi Spirit Aerator to try out and review.  Now I've heard about wine aerators (which Vinturi sells as well, one for red wine and another for white wine), but never an aerator for spirits!  Obviously this kind of thing gets me excited......being The Cocktail Lady and all.  read more......




The wonderful people at Sipping Stones sent me a sample box of their Sipping Stones.  These stones come in two colors, grey or white.  The idea behind these stones is to keep your whiskey (or favorite liquor) chilled for your enjoyment, without getting watered down after a while like ice cubes can do.  read more......





Bacmar International LLC. shipped me a box with 2 of their products inside as well as a flier and recipe booklet.  Here is a photo of what I received:

My husband and I opened up the bottle of their Spiced Rum called "The Lash" first.  On the flier they sent us it shows that you should enjoy this rum either "Neat" (which means pouring it into a cocktail glass by itself) or "On The Rocks" (which means putting ice into your cocktail glass before pouring the rum inside).  We chose to try it "On The Rocks".  read more......


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