Friday, August 3, 2012

Sex On The Pool Table

Day 170

Sex On The Pool Table
3 shots out of 5

Pool, now that's a game I haven't played in a while!  

My folks have a pool table at their house and I used to play it a lot......but now I don't think I have what it takes to play a good game anymore.

Plus their table has this lip on the sides and I have skinned my knuckle more than a few times on it....ouch

I gave tonight's cocktail 3 shots out of 5.  

I have to admit that the color of this cocktail TOTALLY reminds me of the felt on my folks pool table!  

Good thing this cocktail doesn't taste like it.  

Because THAT would be........beyond gross.


I'm not sure all of these ingredients completely compliment each other all that well.  

There's enough stuff in here to give it a unique taste all of it's own and to trick me that it's kinda sweet and kinda good.  

I've had better cocktails then this and I've had worse.  

I wouldn't spend any money ordering one of these at a bar, but I'm totally going to finish this one I made.

I mean alcohol abuse and all.

Here is a photo of the end result:

sex on the pool table cocktail, midori, melon liqueur, blueberry schnapps, vodka, orange juice, pineapple juice

Here is a photo of the ingredients:

sex on the pool table cocktail, midori, melon liqueur, blueberry schnapps, vodka, orange juice, pineapple juice

Here is the recipe for Sex On The Pool Table:

  • 1/2 oz midori
  • 1/2 oz blueberry schnapps
  • 1/2 oz vodka
  • 1/2 oz orange juice
  • 1/2 oz pineapple juice
In a shaker add ice and all ingredients.  Shake it up well and strain into a cocktail glass.

Happy Friday to all!!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


The Cocktail Lady
Cocktail Lady
Cocktail Lady

Hello! My name is Jen and I am The Cocktail Lady. I am a married mom of 4 who loves creating and trying new cocktails.


  1. just found you via 365 Slow Cooker...and so glad! Great idea, and I'm going to be cruising this site for lots of good drinkie recipes.

    1. Oh I'm so glad you found me through Stephanie's blog!! Welcome and I'm excited that you'll be coming back! If you do try some, please let me know what you think of them. Also if you have a favorite cocktail you drink, please email it to me. Cheers!!

  2. I find it curious that you know what the felt on the pool table tastes like in order to compare to the drink... I think your cocktail experiments might have started earlier than you let on...

    I have a question about the pineapple juice you use. Does it come in that plastic container you always show, or do you get it in something else and just store it in that little bucket? I've never seen it sold like that, and was wondering if it was a west coast thing.

    1. Baaaahahahaha, you crack me up!! I totally walked into that one didn't I!

      Lately I have been calling myself a "Cocktail Snob" b/c I insist that I only use Dole Pineapple Juice and Simply Cranberry Cocktail for my pineapple and cranberry juices. They just taste better in cocktails to me then others.

      The pineapple juice is just the canned Dole Pineapple Juice poured into my plastic container.