Monday, October 8, 2012

The Halloween Hpnotist

Day 236

The Halloween Hpnotist
4.5 shots out of 5

Since the kids had today off of school, I took number 2 of 4 to Target to find his Halloween costume.  

This year, he decided to piece together different items that looked cool to him, and in the end he realized that he had chosen stuff that made him look like a rock star. 

There you have it, one rock star, one Snow White (original Snow White, not Huntsman Snow White), and one lady bug......our oldest is not dressing up.

I gave tonight's cocktail 4 shots out of 5.  

I am coming to the opinion that you "almost" can not go wrong with Hpnotiq.  

The flavor on it's own is so good that mixing it with vodka, lemon juice, or whatever you may add almost is a win-win cocktail......well unless you go crazy and just start adding insane ingredients, in that case any cocktail wouldn't be good then.  

The glow stick just makes this cocktail look the dark that is.  

If you were to serve it with a glow stick in a well lit room, well, you'd just get people looking at you weird.  

I found this cool looking cocktail here.

Here is a photo of the end result:

Halloween cocktail, Hpnotiq, vodka, lemon juice

Here is a photo of the ingredients:

Halloween cocktail, Hpnotiq, vodka, lemon juice

Here is the recipe for The Halloween Hpnotist:  

  • 2 oz Hpnotiq
  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1/4 oz lemon juice
  • blue or purple glow stick

In a shaker, add ice and all of the ingredients above except the glow stick (duh, I know.......but the reasons for those "obvious" warning labels on items are because someone somewhere wasn't thinking and actually DID whatever the label is telling them not to do).  Strain your cocktail into a martini glass, add your glow stick and then turn off the lights!

Here's to a long shutter speed and an awesome looking cocktail!!


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  1. I think I saw one of the mini-bottles of Hpnotiq at the liquor store last time I went. I think next trip, I'll pick it up. I don't think I've ever tasted Hpnotiq, and this looks like a nice cocktail to try it with.

    1. That's the bottle I have. I think you'll like this one Jan. Let me know what you think if you do try it :)

    2. I stopped by the liquor store on the way home tonight and picked up the mini bottle of Hpnotiq. Pretty good cocktail, but I still can't quite decide what the flavor of Hpnotiq is. I'll have to get another mini bottle since I emptied that one :) I think I'd give this 4 shot glasses on try number one, but I will try it again (I think I had a wee bit too much lemon juice in this one). Next time, it may be a 4.5 with less lemon juice.

    3. Oh, you're talking mini-mini, gotcha! Yea the flavor is unique most definately. I'm glad you liked it though =)

    4. Yes, I guess my bottle would be a micro bottle. I didn't see any half bottles so I went with the teeny tiny one :)