Friday, September 20, 2013

ChocolatRouge the other one

OK, I finally did it.  

I bought the "other" ChocolatRouge wine.  

The one that looks like chocolate milk in a bottle.  Remember about a month and a half ago I was invited to a chocolate party and was told that I can bring a bottle of wine to share?  


Here's the post.  

That bottle of wine was surprisingly quite much so that I kept on getting compliments that night of how great it tasted.  When I had bought that first bottle (yes I have purchased a few more since then) of chocolate wine, sitting right next to it on the same shelf was another bottle of chocolate wine but this one you chill before drinking.  

Looking at the bottle and the fact that it looked like chocolate milk.....I got a little scared and just couldn't bring myself to purchasing it.  

Quite a few shopping trips later I finally got the courage to purchase that bottle and stick it in the fridge.  Tonight is the night I finally try that chilled chocolate wine.

First things first.  

I like the first bottle better.  

Hands down.  

That being said, this bottle of wine is not horrible.  

I just simply prefer the more red wine taste of the other bottle to the......well......sort of spiked chocolate milk taste of this bottle.  

I have talked to a couple friends who have tried, if not this wine one like it, and said that it's great and that they really enjoyed it.  It really is a taste preference thing.  

I am not sure that I will finish this bottle but I am glad to say that I tried it.  If you have the opportunity to try these two wines I would love to hear what you think about them.

Here is what the bottle looks like as well as a poured glass:

I hope you  have a great weekend!!


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