Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Club W Wine Club

Winc Wine Club

These last few weeks have been non-stop.  

Between appointments, baseball games, softball games, tennis matches, school and a million other things that I can't and don't want to name right now (if I name them I'll realize how much I had/have on my plate and start stressing out about them, lol).  

We hosted an end of season BBQ for our oldest son's high school varsity team on Saturday.  

The boys played their last game that afternoon and then we all celebrated.  What a fun night!  

The next day was Mother's Day and I was spoiled and I loved it!!!!  I hope all of you mother's out there had an equally amazing day too.

Who loves a good bottle of wine?  

OK, OK, put your hands down.  

Have you ever joined a wine club?  

I have never joined one before because I was kind of scared of what kinds of wine they would send me.  

I am a red wine drinker.  I haven't really had a white wine that I enjoy thoroughly.....and pink wines.........well they scare me.

I was contacted by Winc and was asked if I would like to become an affiliate for them.  

I had a great conversation with them and they explained their wine club and why it's DIFFERENT and AWESOME!  

Here is a breakdown of what we discussed:

     About the company:
  • Winc is a monthly wine club
  • The monthly minimum to purchase is 3 bottles, but you can definitely get more
  • Winc gets grapes from wineries around the world  
  • They cut out the middle man by purchasing the grapes and turning them into juice on site at the wineries.  They then ship that juice to their facilities in CA to bottle.  That way they can give us higher priced wines and a lower cost
     About the club experience:
  • New members will complete a Palate Profile, which is only 6 questions to help Winc pair you up with wines they think you will like
  • NO sign up fee, cancel anytime
  • Once you receive your wine and try it, you then get to rate it (yes! just like Netflix), that way their recommendations will be even better for your palate
  • When choosing the wines you would like (yes YOU get to choose.....no more crossing your fingers and hoping that the wines they send are ones you will like) you can decide to take Winc's recommendations or not, it's completely up to you
  • Each bottle of wine has tasting notes and a video to watch and learn more about it
  • Each bottle of wine you receive comes with a pairing card
  • If you are not satisfied with a bottle of wine that Winc recommends to you, they'll  give you credit for that bottle towards your next shipment
  • You can skip a month anytime
  • Bottles start at $13 each, thanks to Winc doing their own bottling etc., that $13 would have cost you anywhere from $30-$50

If you love wine, Winc is a great club to join!  Here is what my box of wine looked like when I received it:

The bottles were well protected.

Perfect fit so that they don't slide around.

Inside the box also came my pairing cards.  I received one for each bottle of wine I ordered.

I decided to get 2 bottles from my palate profile and then I watched some of the videos on different red wines and found 2 others that I wanted to try as well.

I think it is really neat that you get to choose wine from all different wineries instead of only being able to choose from one winery.  

One of my bottles is from Italy!  How cool is that!!  We have tried one of the two bottles that was recommended so far and it was good.  My husband and I both enjoyed it!

If you are in the market to join a wine club or want to give a wine club membership to someone, I highly recommend you check out Winc!  

You can click on the banner on the right side of my page to get $20 off your first order!  If you are using a mobile device and can not see the banner, you can CLICK HERE.


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