Friday, October 28, 2016

Poisoned Apple

black vodka, halloween, black vodka, poisoned apple shot

Only 3 days until Halloween!  

How fun!  

I can hear the buzz around the school yard, everyone is getting so excited!  

I had planned on making a few more cocktails before Halloween this year, but to no surprise, I got sick a week ago and an still not feeling 100%.  


I have too many things going on this weekend to be sick, so it's time to have a shot of this here Poisoned Apple and get on with my weekend!

'Tis the season of black vodka!  

I love this stuff.  I love that it's black, I think that's so cool.  I decided to go with a layered shot today and  since green is one of the colors of Halloween, what better liqueur to use but sour apple pucker!

This time when I rimmed my shot glass I used simple syrup.

Although I have a huge "dislike" for sprinkles or anything like them......I DO think they look really cool rimmed on a cocktail glass or shot glass (don' tell my friends or family I said this...I'll never hear the end of it............ever).  I saw these black and an orange shiny sprinkle jars at Target not too long ago and decided to get them for upcoming drinks.

Layering a cocktail can be tricky at times for sure......but sometimes it's REALLY easy.  Some alcohol (such as the sour apple pucker) has enough sugar in it to make it more dense.  This is allow lighter alcohols to more or less float on top.  With something like this shot you can just pour in the sour apple pucker and then slowly towards the side of the glass pour in the black vodka.  Sure some might go below the pucker for a moment, but it will rise up and create that layer right after that.  

This combo of sour apple pucker and vodka is pretty darn good.  Layered shots sometimes scare me, especially when the hard alcohol is on the top of the shot.  As long as you take it in one big sip (as you're supposed to take shots), you'll be fine!

If you notice the black sprinkles started to slide down the shot glass inside and created a brownish streak inside the shot.  I think that's kind of cool!  It reminds me of my Happy Birthday Tini I made a while back.  I loved the effect the all of the different colored sprinkles made on the inside of that glass.

Here is my recipe for a Poisoned Apple:

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Poisoned Apple
  • 1 ounce black vodka
  • 1 ounce sour apple pucker
Rim the top of a shot glass with simple syrup and then black sprinkles. Pour in the apple pucker first. Next on the back of a spoon, slowly pour the black vodka on top.

Here are the ingredients I used to create this cocktail:

Here's to one of my kids most favorite holidays being only 4 days away!!


The Cocktail Lady

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blood Sample

Halloween cocktails shots, blood sample, vanilla vodka, pomegranate juice, plastic syringe

There is only 6 more days until Halloween.  

Not sure how that happened, but apparently it did.  

My girls are set costume-wise...........and actually have been for a month or so now.  

Nothing bloody or gory.  They are actually going to be Mal from Disney's Descendants and Abbey Bominable from Monster High.  

Our oldest only dresses up on Halloween night when him and his friends scare trick or treaters in front of the house.  

It's actually kind of cool, because him and a good friend of his set up this Haunted Garage/Driveway/Front Yard deal.  It's got fog, body parts, black lights and more.  

The two of them, along with some other recruits dress up as all of the scary guys in different movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Texas Chain Saw Massacre (yes they have an actual chainsaw.....minus the chain), etc. and just walk around.......follow people.......scare the crap out of the older I said, it's fun!  

Our youngest son (who's 12 and almost as tall as me, gasp) still has no clue of what to be, so we're working on that!

I have seen others do shooters with plastic syringes before and have always wanted to do it too.  I logged onto Amazon and ordered these plastic syringes to make my shots in.  

I didn't realize that they came with little caps to cover the end if needed.  I didn't need them because the shot stayed inside just fine.

I just bought a bottle of the POM pomegranate juice at the store.  I just love that they come in these smaller bottles because whenever I buy the bigger ones I always end up having to dump some because they don't get used.  

Yes, I am an expiration date queen, just ask my they all know.

I created an easy to make, especially in a large batch cocktail that looks like blood in a syringe and tastes delicious!

Halloween cocktails shots, blood sample, vanilla vodka, pomegranate juice, plastic syringe

How fun are these to pass out at a Halloween party?  Bummer it's on a Monday this year.  You could make them all up ahead of time, stick them in the fridge and pass them out when needed.......which at our parties is all the time!

Why not try a Blood Sample?  You'll be glad you did!!

Halloween cocktails shots, blood sample, vanilla vodka, pomegranate juice, plastic syringe

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Blood Sample
  • 1 1/2 ounces vanilla vodka
  • 2 1/2 ounces pomegranate juice
In a shaker, add ice and both ingredients above. Shake and scoop out the ice in the strainer, or strain into a separate glass. Fill up the syringes and enjoy!

Here is a photo of the ingredients:

Halloween cocktails shots, blood sample, vanilla vodka, pomegranate juice, plastic syringe

Here's to fun creative cocktails, especially for the holidays!