Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Shelter In Place Drinking Games

OK, so here's the thing.

Wherever you are in the world, you have heard about Covid-19 AKA the Corona Virus.

Depending on where you are determines if you are free to roam, in Shelter In Place or on total lock down.

Where we are here in California we are in Shelter In Place.  Does it suck?  Yes!  Yes it does!  Do I understand why we must stay indoors?  Yes!  Yes I do!  

Our family is staying home and are doing our part to flatten the curve.  We are staying home unless we need to go to the store.  We are playing in the backyard (when this dang rain isn't here).  We are taking walks and making sure if we see anyone we are staying 6 feet apart.  My daughter even draws a chalk line 6 feet and 2 inches back from our sidewalk, so that when friends and family walk by, we can stop and chat at a safe distance.

All of that said.  We are making the best of our situation by staying calm, having LOTS and LOTS of zoom meetings with friends and family, watching shows & movies (my son and I just finished All American on Netflix, it was REALLY good!) and playing card and board games.

In all honesty, I am enjoying this.

What?  You're ENJOYING this?  

Yes!  Let me tell you why.  Our lives are insanely busy.  I mean NON-STOP.  Every day there is work, school, softball practices, soccer practices, basketball practices, softball games, soccer games, basketball games, Lions meetings, Lions dinners, birthday parties, weekend long softball tournaments..........OK I could literally go on!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the hustle and bustle of our lives.  BUT let me tell you.  Being forced to stay home.  Being forced to relax, to hang out with our family, to not have to rush off to the next place.......it's nice!  

I'm enjoying being able to "Just Be".

Do I miss my friends and family?  HOLY CRAP -- YES!!!!  All I want to do is see everyone and give them a hug!  I think this is the hardest part of being Shelter In Place for both me and my kids.

My kids are doing great with adjusting to doing school from home.  They're good kids and pretty easy going.  The only part is the lack of human contact outside of the 6 of us in the house.

As well as we are all doing here in our little bubble, I wanted to create something fun/funny for you all.

My husband and I always say that laughter and a good sense of humor are the keys to a good relationship and getting through all life will throw at you.

Knowing that I decided to create a Shelter In Place Drinking Game that a LOT of you will be able to relate to.  

The rules are simple.

Each game is created from things that either happen in our home or things I hear are happening in friends homes.

I will be adding a BRAND NEW game EVERY DAY!

These are meant to put a smile on your face, to tell you that "No, it's not just you who is feeling this way", and to get you drunk!  I mean come on.....this ARE drinking games!

Here they are starting with Game #1:

I don't know about you, but ALL I FREAKING HEAR is "Hey Mom".  I love my kids to death, but seriously?  This Shelter In Place my kids will be learning how to become EVEN MORE independent!

Which moves us onto Game #2:

I have to say that I am ENJOYING when I hear this one!  It's music to my ears!  Music to my ears because it's not Game #1.

Speaking of kids brings us to Game #3:

Holy crap why isn't kids school work easier?  They have so many questions.  Some of this stuff I don't get.  Which brings me back to Game #2 where I tell them to go ask their Dad.

Game #4.....this one is a constant one:

I mean seriously.  What freaking day IS it?  I almost always have no clue what so ever.  I feel like these days are all running together.  I feel like I must ask this question a couple times a day!

You have to have seen Game #5 at LEAST once a day:

Oh my goodness the freaking Tiger King.  People EVERYWHERE were watching this show.  It took me a while to finally sit down to watch it.  Yup those were 7 hours of my life I will never get back.  But the MEME'S!!  Some of them were FANTASTIC!!

Oh Game #6 happened almost instantly:

Our kids last week at school was Mid-March.  That Friday I had a feeling that they were not coming back.  We got word that school will now be continued at home.....which for some reason made me feel the NEED to clean out and reorganize our hall closet.......that weekend.

Let's get back to the kids with Game #7:

I have always had high respect for our children's teachers.  I couldn't imagine how they come to work every day and teach 20-25 kids Every Single Day.  Then I became the teacher at home......where my kids live.......where they go to school......where they don't leave.  My High Respect level went up probably about a Trillion!!

Now Game #8 is a fun one:

We TOTALLY started out our Shelter In Place days in our PJ's.  And if we were lucky a couple of us would change our PJ's after a few days!

I'm guilty of Game #9:

Back to what I was saying about having zoom meeting with friends and family.  Every Monday night I have a zoom meeting with some of the Softball Moms.  The night always winds down to two of us.  The same two every Monday.  And let me tell you.....we can drink!

As if that wasn't enough, I have another zoom meeting with my friends on Tuesday nights......and yep, we play drinking games....and also just drink.

Game #10 is a fun one:

I have seriously forgotten how much I REALLY enjoy puzzles!  We have knocked out 3 so far 1-500 and 2-1000 piece puzzles.  They are so much fun.  I enjoy being able to just sit there and not think of anything else except putting together a puzzle.

Tell me you're not feeling Game #11:

Oh My Goodness I have no freaking clue what to cook for dinner anymore!  I will say that I enjoy Saturday's when both my husband and I go to the grocery store to shop for the next week.  Why do I enjoy it?  Because my husband picks out stuff for the dinners that HE'S GOING TO COOK!  Let me tell you, my husband can COOK!

Speaking of the grocery store check out Game #12:

I used to "run back out" to the store if I forgot something, or if there was something my kids would REALLY want for snacks for school.  Having to stay home allows me to tell myself that I don't REALLY need to go back out to the store.  I like that.

Speaking of the store leads me to Game #13:

OK, let's be real.  Who has not eaten an entire bag of chips for a meal?  How about a box of cookies?  Oh back when I was younger I could down both and never look back!  My latest "Bag of Chips" has definitely been a box of Wheat Thins.....oh that salt!  Yum!

Still on the store thing brings me to Game #14:

Holy Mama.  I never ever realized how much I actually DO touch my face until I went to the grocery store for the very first time after all of the COVID-19 stuff began.

Like I literally touch my face 493492645735 times per shopping trip!  Apparently only when I'm out in public my nose itches.  ONLY then.  Then under my eye needs a little rub.  Followed by my chin....and close behind the corner of my mouth.  REPEAT.  REPEAT.  REPEAT.  I mean Come On!!

Happy Hour, some say 5:00, some say Game #15:

OK seriously.  If I, as in Game #4, have NO idea what day it is does it really matter what time it is?  I don't think so.  Every day is different yet almost the same.  Some days I need to have a cocktail at the 3:00 hour because helping with math (see Game #3) is freaking hard and I don't get it!

Now let's move onto Game #16:

Did you feel that tickle in your throat?  Wait is that a symptom?  What about that cough that you coughed a few times today?  Did it feel like a dry cough?  Wait......am I feeling warmer than usual?

Oh my goodness the things that run through our minds all day long!  It's enough to drive us crazy!  We are Shelter In Place here in CA, so we're basically only leaving the house to go to the store.  Our oldest son does leave the house 5 days a week as he works at a local smaller grocery store.

I have a box in the garage and that is where he puts his clothes when he comes home from work.  He has a separate pile of clean clothes and a bottle of hand sanitizer ready for him.  Once in the house he heads to the shower.  This is what I'm insisting on to help keep us all as healthy as possible.  But my mind still asks those questions above.

Today is Easter Sunday so I will not get to take advantage of Game #17:

Showering.  Some do it daily.  Some every other day.  Then there are those of us SIP people who do it when they can't remember if their last shower was yesterday......the day before that......or the day before that......or quite possibly the day before that?  See Game #4 for your reward!

Moving onto Game #18:

I will be the first to admit that SIP is not the reason why I occasionally forget that I've done a load of laundry and left it in the washer for longer then I'd like.  This occurrence happens more often then I'd like.  I hate it the most when it's a load of towels...that sucks.  The machine I usually leave my load in more often the the other is my dryer.  My load sits in there and gets all wrinkly.  Then I have to run it again.......and again.........and again.

Speaking of putting things off brings me to Game #19:

GUILTY!  Completely guilty.  On Day 1 I said I will organize, clean and work out.  I've done 2 out of those 3 things.  Yup you guessed it, working out is still not happening.  I will start working out again.  Hopefully sooner then later.

Moving onto Game #20:

We have had nights where either my husband or I were supposed to cook.......then as it got later and later and nobody started cooking we decided, screw it let's order dinner tonight!

I feel like we are caught in the middle of the "Save Money and Cook" and "Support Your Local Businesses".  I want to do both, but have to think realistically when doing both.

Here's one that I've finally had time for, Game #21:

I did it!  I went through my emails!  I deleted a crap ton.  I unsubscribed from some, I've dragged others to the folders they belong in.  I'm feeling pretty productive.....until I see that little number on the top left getting higher and higher and I need to do this all over again.

You guys remember Game #18, well Game #22 is in the same section:

So I feel like I'm doing less laundry.  Which brings me back to Game #8 where we've been wearing our PJ's a LOT lately!  I mean there's no one to get all dressed up for......unless you are leaving the house for work, then yea.....PJ's might not be your best option.

Moving onto Game #23:

Showers are something we're just not taking every day.  Showers are something that most of us are just not taking every other day.  I will say that the percentage of me shaving my legs in the shower versus just taking a shower are probably 20% shave to 80% screw it I'm just taking a shower.

Yesterday's game was more about the ladies, today's is more about the men, check out Game #24:

I mean haven't you always wanted to grow out your beard anyways?  Have you been dying to pull out that flannel you have in the back of your closet?  Well now is the time to do it!  Get your beard on!

Let's talk about email again with Game #25:

Seriously....I do this every so often.  I most definitely HAVE done this recently as well.  I never really realize just how many dang email subscriptions I have until I take the time to unsubscribe.  And the ones that get me are the ones like Living Social where they subscribe you to their email as well as a whole different email chain for "Your Area", wtf!  It drives me nuts that just because you order something these sites put you on their email list.  Blah!

After a day like Game #25, you need a day like Game #26:

These days are the best and the worst!  The best because I hardly do a thing!  The worst because I feel guilty all day long.  The best because I tell myself that I freaking deserve today.  See the "best's" out weigh the "worst's".  Lazy days for the WIN!!

Let's move onto Game #27:

I'm telling you.  Days like this are harder and harder to come by.  Don't get me wrong, I do like to get dressed and do my hair.....but lately it has everything to do with whether or not I decide to take a shower that day, see Game #17.

If today is a no shower day, it might be a Game #28 day as well:

We try and do our party to support our local community.  I don't want our local businesses and restaurants to close forever!  I also can't afford to order take out every night.  But tonight might be one of those nights!

Let's move onto Game #29:

Did you do it?  Were you unsure of the day that you first put on those PJ's?  Was it yesterday?  The day before that?  No wait the day before that?  Wait......maybe it was last week?

Just sniff them.  Especially the arm pit area, you'll find out right away if you need to throw them in the wash and grab a new pair or not.

It's time for Game #30:

I know I am a social person.  I really am.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy being home with my family and doing nothing at times too....but really being home is sort of socializing since we have 4 kids and a dog.

But I have to say that I am SUPER missing seeing my family and friends.  I miss the parties, the get togethers, etc.  The weather is getting to be so warm and I miss our backyard BBQ's!!

Let's do some real talk with Game #31:

Dang it!  Dang it, Dang it, Dang it!  I am NOT getting the exercise I used to before SIP.  We can not go to the gym.  I can not walk my girls to school in the morning and walk back to pick them up in the afternoon.  We're stuck at home.

Usually I'll get that BURST of "It's time to start working out" and it fills my body and I'm SUPER determined.  Yea it's been over a month and that has NOT kicked in.

You know what HAS kicked in?  My belly.  Yup.  It's larger then it was a month ago.  I don't like putting on my jeans (on the rare occasion we go out and need to) because my muffin top is not pretty.  I DO feel that I'm almost there though.  I've ordered a crunch machine thingy.  I pulled out some of my weights and I'm looking to order a mat for the floor.  It's time.  It really is!

Let's talk about zoom meetings again with Game #32:

I will admit it was a challenge at first.  I have gone through a few different zoom meeting locations.  I finally figured it out.  It does require a counter, a step stool and my laptop.  But it does work!

Can we talk about Game #33:

I can not even tell you how many times I have said that it's time to do my nails....or my toes.  I even so as far as filing my nails and trimming my cuticles.....even putting on cuticle oil.  But then I can't execute actually putting wraps or lacquer on them.  AND I have no excuse because I sell Jamberry nail products!!

Seriously Game #33 kind of goes along with Game #34:

I have heard this more and more and more lately.  I'm lucky because my husband cut my hair for me a couple weeks ago.  He did a pretty amazing job!  

I have seen a lot of people post pictures with their long crazy hair and I've seen not as many post pictures of their freshly trimmed hair.  I mean do what you need to do.  We're not going anywhere anyways!

Back to zoom talk with Game #35:

My dang laptop doesn't support green screen.  So I'll be sitting on a zoom with friends and they put up these kick ass backgrounds and mine is just......my kitchen.  If I try to do a background it's half assed and you can't see my eyes and mouth.

So you get to see my shutters in my kitchen and I get to visit you at the Golden Gate Bridge, in space, in a meadow or anywhere else you have chosen to be.  Oh well.

Moving on to Game #36:

SERIOUSLY!!!!!  Did you read my small font on this one?  Holy crap I am going to BAN that phrase in this house.  Ban it I say!

A friend of mine and I play a zoom drinking game.  The two of us zoom and when one of my children (either #3 or #4) show up to tell me something, or if they need something, or if they say ANY of the phrases in my SIP Drinking Games we do 2 things.

1. Hold up however many fingers needed to associate with the child (either 3 or 4).
2. Take a freaking drink

Note:  These drinks happen A LOT!!  So much in fact, my friend got Drunk Drunk the first time we played.

Who's done Game #37:

I myself have not yet made a mask.  I do wear the other ones when we go to the store, etc.  One of my girls  teachers moms makes masks, so she is going to make me one for my SF Giants!!

This is a fun one!  Have you done Game #38:

We did our very first Birthday Drive By a week and a half ago!  It was fun!  My daughter made a huge birthday sign with a picture of Baby Yoda on it and we did a 16th birthday drive by!

It's a bummer that these kids can't have birthday parties, but I'm glad we can at least do something like this!

Moving on to Game #39:

OK seriously.  After a couple of days doing SIP we started hearing Geese.  They would always congregate on one of the local High School baseball fields for years.  Now with less people outside they've decided to fly and honk as they fly over our house to the local Middle School.  It's just so interesting to hear these different sounds that we never would have heard with everyone out and about.  We also see more squirrels and we know some night time critters are out and about.

OK, this one is an always thing, not just a SIP one.  Check out Game #40:

I am so guilty of this shit!!  I will totally laugh at something.  See who posted it.  Then say, "Meh, it wasn't THAT funny".  

Let's talk groceries in Game #41:

So we FINALLY did this!  OMG is was amazing!  We used Instacart and had our Costco order delivered to our garage!  Soooo awesome!  I know we are going to use this in the future SIP or not!  We host a LOT of parties here at the house and knowing that I can have someone run out and get me whatever it is that I forgot is amazing!!

Let's continue onto Game #42:

Seriously guys, this takes some practice.  It has taken me quite a few zooms to realize that I need to sit in my kitchen at the counter and put my laptop up on a wooden stool my son made, on top of our counter to get a good angle.  I mean really?  Come on, do I really need to do that?  YES!!  Yes I Do!!

Oh now Game #43 is a good one:

THIS ONE RIGHT HERE IS AMAZING!  Our credit card bill has gone down.  Like a LOT!  We were always on the go, so we would be spending extra eating out money all the time!  It's nice to get the credit card bills and see a big change.  Like really nice!

Game #44 ooohhhhhh Game #44:

I am getting to the point that I give the stares.  You know the stares.  The WILL YOU FREAKING STOP CHEWING LIKE THAT stares.  Holy Moly so many people in this house.......So many chewing noises!  I.......I just can't.  I know there is a name for people who can't stand hearing people chew.....I'm not sure what it is............but I think I have it.

Go ahead and try and tell me that you have NOT done Game #45:

We've talked about laundry here before.  We've talked about how I have a LOT less loads to do now that everyone seems to enjoy wearing their PJ's......almost ALL of the time.  We have also talked about how we're not ever really sure what day it actually is.  That being said, at times as I have no clue what day it actually is.........I have no clue if I actually put on deodorant today.....or was it yesterday?  Yup a quick sniff test will help me determine that.

Moving onto Game #46:

Well I have to say this one does not apply to me.  I do know my natural hair color as well as knowing all about that silver streak I have going on at the top right part of my hair line.

See it?  I love it!

Can you relate to Game #47:

I myself do not have gel nails.  I sell Jamberry nail wraps so I use them and LOVE them!  I do have friends who have had them and had to either learn how to remove them.....or just let them eventually fall off.

Game #48 for sure we have done:

We've done this one!  We set up a table in our backyard and went to town on Bella!  Oh boy did she need it!  We gave her a good trim, washed her and blow dried her.  It was an EXHAUSTING workout for sure, but we were glad when it was done.

I bet a lot of you can relate to Game #49:

Us at home don't have to worry about all of the extra hand washing, etc as only my husband and I leave the house and that is only once a week.  I do know that there are a LOT of you out there that do get out more then us.  A lot of essential workers (like my oldest son) who leave the house 5+ days a week and need to continuously wash and sanitize your hands.  To those of you, I Thank You!!

Game #50 already gives me pains:

When you're at work, you body is used to your chair, your desk, your keyboard, your mouse.  When you're at home trying to work.......your body feels like you're trying to be a contortionist.

You wake up with new aches and pains........and they suck!

Where are my dog owners at?  Does Game #51 sound familiar:

I keep telling my husband that our dog, Bella, is going to be so sad once the kids are finally able to go back to school.  Who will give her all of the attention and extra snuggles?  I foresee a lot of "window gazing" in her future.

Remember when "talking on the phone was the thing to do?  Check out Game #52:

I used to spent hours and hours on the phone when I was younger.  Just chatting with my friends about everything and nothing all at the same time.  Things were sure different back then.

It's kinda fun to get back into that with SIP.  I have to say I think I've talked more on the phone in the last couple months then I have in the last year!

How many are you going to drink for Game #53:

Truth be told, I FINALLY made something on my Cricut............that I might have gotten........3 years ago?  Don't judge.  When I get something new, a lot of times I set it aside and stare at it for a bit.  This doesn't usually last 3 years......but at least a couple days. 

Let's take it back Old School Style with Game #54:

Do you remember being a kid and talking on the phone as long as you could until your parents told you to get off of the phone?  What about when call waiting became a thing?  Or 3-way calling?  Oh wow, those were the days!

Are you guilty of Game #55:

A friend of ours has been making bread during Covid-19.  She gave us a loaf of bread she made, YUM!!!!!!!  Now my husband and I want to start making bread too!

Yea.........almost there with Game #56:

Sooooo close!!  I've even bought a workout mat, a new fitbit and a crunch machine.  I did the crunch machine once after we put it together.  It's progress.......sort of....

Game #57 I will admit I haven't done it as much as I probably should:

I totally will be the first to admit that I have NOT shaved my legs nearly as much as I probably should have been.  But I'm OK with that.  I mean where do I really have to go anyways......besides my backyard?

Here's Game #58:

I know that there are a lot of you out there that have not had a haircut in.....well......2 or so months.  Which doesn't sound odd........until you realize that your hair is supposed to be short and it's now past your shoulders.

Game #59:

This game goes right along with Game #56 for me.  Sure I've saved some "Challenge" posts.  Sure I think they're great ideas!  Sure I know I can conquer them.  Sure........I'll try them later.

Onto Game #60:

Heck Yes it is!!  In more ways then 1.  Do I weigh more?  You know it!  Am I able to spend more quality time with my family?  Am I a better Mom for it?  You know it!  There are many discouraging things about being in SIP, but there are MANY amazing things about it too!

Who's guilty of Game #61:

I have to say that I have not resorted to making handmade items..........yet.  I do have a couple in mind though!!

Holy Crap who's familiar with Game #62:

OMG my girls are still enjoying zoom meetings..........with their friends!  My oldest has 2 scheduled zooms a week with different groups of friends.  Then sometimes some add on's.  My youngest would zoom with friends ALL FREAKING DAY LONG if I let her!

Which leads me to Game #63:

I AM THE FREAKING ZOOM WHORE.  There I said it.  I feel like ALL I DO is set up zoom meetings for my youngest and her friends!  All I Do!

Time for Game #64:

I am in absolute love with our backyard.  It's our getaway.  It's perfect.  I can relax, the kids can play, my husband can BBQ.  I just simply love our backyard!

Onto Game #65:

Yea I'm over it.  It's not that I didn't cook before.......it's just that we were busier so there was less cooking to be done.

I want to eat out for a week once this SIP is over.

Oh Game #66 is all me:

The Corona 15 is real folks.  It's an actual thing!  I can attest to it!  So an my jeans that now intimidate me!

Let's hear it for Game #67:

We all have our own way of making friends.  We have different parts of our lives where there are different people be it work, clubs, organizations or children's sporting events. 

For us we have friends from all of those and more.  We now have friends that we zoom with regularly.  Friends that we "check-in" with once a week.  This isn't just a "check-in", it's more of a "How are you REALLY doing?"  Times are hard right now.  They are different, they take us out of our regular routine, they keep us away from other people, they change us.  

I'm thankful for the friendships that were made even stronger throughout all of this.

Time for Game #68:

Holy Freaking Shit!  I'm so done seeing everyone's Corona Virus posts.  Apparently EVERYONE knows EVERYTHING about this virus.  Everyone!  They all have direct lines to the doctors that know everything about this virus.

I feel like my muting people on my feed sometimes.......

Oh the zoom meetings am I right Game #69:

Can we just be done with them?  Actually yes!  Our school year is officially over, so YES at least our kids are done with them!

We do have friend zooms and funner meeting zooms that we attend and I don't minds those, but I'm just so happy that our days are not being controlled by school zooms for our kids anymore.  These kids need a break.  It's been a long, hard, trying few months with doing school at home and I'm SOOOO happy that it's finally summer break!

I'm fine, It's fine.  WTF.  Game #70:

I have had more of these moments than I'd care to admit.  Especially earlier on during this SIP.  Some days I am fine in my own little bubble.  I have my family and we will get through this.

Other days I want to freak out and run around the streets.

To care or not to care for Game #71:

I mean I enjoy wearing my PJ's more then I would like to admit.  Half of the time I care about my appearance, the other half I don't.  Out of that half that I care......I might do something about it a fourth of that amount.

Bring on the booze with Game #72:

I'm sure a lot of you will take a drink for Game #73:

Whether it is a dinner, wedding, birthday party, reunion or just a simple planned get together, I think most of us have missed out.

I keep telling my husband that when this is all over we need to have a HUGE BBQ party and invite EVERYONE!

That brings me to Game #74:

I have had friends and family both that have gone through horrible things during SIP.  There have been deaths and sicknesses that have happened to our family and friends that we simply can not be there for.  Funeral services have been put on hold.  People are in the hospital with no visitors allowed.  It's just a sad time for things like this when they happen.

Who can finally take a drink for Game #75:

I did it!  Finally!  OK, 2 weeks ago, but I still did it!  My toes thanked me profusely!  I am yet to complete my nails though.  I have gone through all of the prep work for my nails....just not the execution. 

Can I get a hell yes for Game #76:

Now that school is out and I don't have that to at least tell when it's a week day.......yea I'm screwed.

Oh happy day when I was able to have a drink for Game #77:

I was soooooooo excited when school was over for the year and we didn't' have do do home schooling and all of the zoom meetings and the getting up at a certain time.......and all of the things that go along with school.

Oh Game #78:

Sometimes it's just hard to get motivated.

Because of this Game #79 I need to have a drink in my hand when I see my friends:

This one makes me sad.  I'm a hugger.  I love to hug people and because of the Corona Virus that's not possible.........and it sucks.

Yup wagers were taken for Game #80:

Wagers were taken.  Plans were cancelled.  Once again.

Oh I'm so guilty of Game #81:

I mean what else is there to do when you're stuck in the house than take extra snacks?  I mean really.....

Can you take a drink for Game #82:

We are lucky that my husbands job has been OK.  He has been employed through this entire pandemic and we are so thankful.

If you have been able to go back to work, take a drink...........shoot take 2!!

Screw it!  Here's Game #83:

I mean really, if you need a drink, take a drink.  No one's watching.  No one's judging.  It's fine, just take a drink.

Yup to Game #84:

Once I really looked into Instacart and realized how easy it was and the fact that I didn't have to go to Costco with all of the crowds and insanity..........I was sold!

Yes, Game #85 is me:

My body has never EVER been this lazy.  Period.

Along with the last game, here's Game #86:

I have days like this.  More than I am used to for sure.

YES YES YES to Game #87:

For 2 weeks now!  I've been walking with a friend 5-6 days a week!  And it feels goooood!!

We've done this twice now, yeay for Game #88:

Yes!  Twice so far and OMG it was amazing!!!!  I miss being around other human beings!  I really do!!

Wouldn't Game #89 be great:

If only I could spend the whole day in bed.  The only time I ever get to do that is when I'm suuuuper sick.

Oh my it looks like I've still got it with Game #90:

It's been a while since I've tried to drink a bottle of wine, but I am proud to say...I've still got it!!

OK, so here's Game #91:

OK this I don't do anymore.  I do know when I have and have not brushed my teeth.  Ha.......finally, lol.

Yup, vacation with friends cancelled, here's Game #92:

Yup.  We had a vacation planned for over a year with friends.  Cancelled.  Fingers crossed that we get to reschedule for next year.

On the flip side, here's Game #93:

My parents bought a lake house 32 years ago.  They still have it, so it's nice when we are able to get away and take a vacation there.

We have started opening up again thank you Game #94:

Our county is one of the last to open up.  Where we live in CA our county shut down first and stayed closed longer then a lot of nearby ones.  It's so nice that we are able to start opening up again.

Speaking of opening up, here's Game #95:

Our hair dressers and barbers are open!!  It's exciting, especially since that is the one complaint I hear the most from people.

Well Game #96 is true: 

When you can't see your friends and family as much you tend to see your neighbors more.  I think it's great to get to know our neighbors a bit better.  I mean after all, they are the ones watching your homes when you actually do get to go on that vacation!

I am soooo ready Game #97:

I have a sneaking suspicion that we ALL feel this way.

YES to Game #98:

I am sooo ready for our shows to come back.  We are caught up on all of them already.  I am thankful for Netflix and Hulu for all of the new stuff they've been putting out though, that's kept us going.

Sports withdraws are real, here's game #99:

I MISS SPORTS SOOOO MUCH!!  I miss watching my daughter play softball, I miss baseball and basketball...........ugh, I'm sooo ready for them all to be back now!  Hopefully by the time football starts up they will actually be able to play!

Our Final Shelter In Place Drinking Game, Game #100:

I want to Thank You all from the bottom of my heart for following my SIP Drinking Game!  All 100 Rules!  Since this is my last game, I say we drink twice!  Cheers!

As I mentioned above I will be adding new games to this post daily!  Make sure you bookmark this page and come back to it daily to check out the latest Shelter In Place Drinking Games!

Cocktail Lady
Cocktail Lady

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