Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Frost Buddy

To say that I've been busy over the past few months is an absolute understatement!  

Has the insanity that was the "pre-Covid" days started to sneak up on you again?

Have your days and nights become super busy all of the sudden.....but you were expecting the insanity to slowly creep up and not SLAP YOU IN THE FACE and say it's Game Time Jen, LET'S GO!

Well it sure has for me and I'm feeling like I'm hanging on by a thread and totally faking it.

We have 4 kids (10-22) so you can only imagine all of the different things we have going on any day of the week.  Although our oldest moved out almost a year ago, our 3 who still live with us keep us on our toes!  

Pre-Covid we were going 500 mph.  Then Covid hit and BAM 0 mph.

We got used to it.  I got lazy.  I gained weight.....Covid-Weight I call it so that it's not entirely my fault, lol!

Now that things have started getting back to "a version" of normal, our lives are picking back up as we started at 100 mph moved directly to 300 mph and NOW I FEEL LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN as we're back to 500+ mph.  

I mean how in the heck did we ever do ALL OF THE THINGS before?  And keep our sanity?  And not need 5 naps a day to keep up?

So what are all of the things?  Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Softball Board Meetings, School, a Senior in High School, "Encouraging" our Senior to get his drivers license, figuring out colleges, organizing a booth at the local festival, organizing our daughters softball teams Halloween costumes, birthday parties........OK, I'll stop....I mean I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Plus if I continue, I will start drinking before I get this post out.

Which isn't a "Bad" thing necessarily....OK, focus Jen.

All of that being said, over the summer (as our lives were at about 300 mph) we had a LOT of softball tournaments to attend for our oldest daughter (also my husband's the coach, so that adds to the craziness of it as well) which was a lot of fun.  

BUT as any Softball Mom knows, there is one thing that goes Hand-In-Hand with a softball tournament.......canned beverages!  

Oh that's right, whether it's a beer, Truly, White Claw or my newly found favorite (OK, discovered back in May/June) High Noons!

Seriously these High Noon canned vodka cocktails are GOOD!  Too good.  Like they go down sooo super easy and then you realize you've had 4, but still want more.  So you go for it good!

Now the only problem I was having in the heck am I going to keep my canned drinks cold in this 80+ degree heat?  One tournament we played at the temperature outside was a ridiculous 106 degrees....WTH!

Sure I've used can coolers that I've purchased off of Amazon.  I mean they keep my can cool.....ish.....for a little while, but I always felt like I needed to drink my beverage a lot faster than I ever wanted to.

Then one magical day I stumbled upon Frost Buddy.  

You know, you're on Facebook or Instagram and ads are always popping up.  But THIS ad was ONE OF THOSE ADS for a product that you didn't even know that you had been looking for or really needed.

Yes it was one of THOSE kinds of ads.

I browsed through their website.....and as I do with anything I find on the internet, I Googled the SHIT out of it.  Found others who talked about it, read lots of reviews, clicked lots of links and finally came up with my decision.

Heck yes, let's try this thing out.

HOLY CRAP was I glad I did!

OK, let's talk about what this little guy does.

Well first of all, the Frost Buddy can hold all of these!!

I mean seriously, can 1 product hold all of these different sized cans and bottles?  YES

To prove it, check out my video I did to review the Frost Buddy!  

Also I'd LOVE for you to subscribe to my You Tube channel as well!

Can 1 product keep them all super cold?  YES

Does this thing really work and actually keep your can, bottle and beverage cold for a long time?  YES

OK, but will I find a color or pattern that I like?  I FOUND MANY....AND BOUGHT MANY.

So if you notice in the picture below......I have a Frost Buddy not pictured above.  Actually we have an all black one as well.  Those two are up at the lake, just waiting for us to drive up and use them.

So let's talk Frost Buddy.  Not only do they have these AMAZING can & bottle coolers, they also have a Wine Buddy.  

What Wine?  Yes, Wine!

Now your wine bottle will always be the perfect temperature.  Whether that is cold or room temperature, you can be sure that your wine bottle will remain the same temperature even on a hot day!

Next I would like to introduce you to the Mug Buddy!

So far I have only used mine as a tumbler.....ahem, for a cocktail....actually a very LARGE cocktail.  

BUT I will be using it very soon for a hot beverage and I just know that it'll keep it hot for a long time.

This product, the Buddy Bowl has been out of stock for a little while.  I have been PATIENTLY awaiting it's return so that I can get a big 'ole bowl for my pups.  As of right now it comes in these 3 colors, but as with their other items, I have hopes that it will come in more colors one day!

One last EXCITING thing to tell you about!  Coming soon, as in very soon Frost Buddy is coming out with a BRAND NEW PRODUCT!!!!  Let me introduce you to Water Buddy.....or Sports Buddy, not sure which is the official name!

I've already signed up and received my 40% off discount code.  I LOVE everything Frost Buddy, so I just know that I am going to LOVE this new product as well!

OK, OK, by now you're probably saying WE GET IT JEN!  We get it!

Frost Buddy's are freaking amazing!  So, how do I get one?

Well I'm glad you asked!  I have a special link for you to use and when you do so and use the code: FBJENNIFER2686017 at checkout you will receive FREE SHIPPING on your order!  That's right FREE!

So what are you waiting for?  Click this link, use my special code and GET YOUR FROST BUDDY TODAY!!

Order Your Frost Buddy Today!!  You will be SO glad you did!

Be sure to check back often because they are always coming out with new pattern as well as Limited Edition patterns that will only be around for a short time, like these 2 amazing designs!

Happy Shopping!

Cocktail Lady
Cocktail Lady

Hello! My name is Jen and I am The Cocktail Lady. I am a married mom of 4 who loves creating and trying new cocktails.

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