Drunken Gummy Bears

Drunken Gummy Bears

What's that you ask?  Well let me explain!  I found this idea on Pinterest and thought it looked like a fun, yummy idea and wanted to give it a try.

A lot of people made these in the refrigerator, but I heard a lot of complaints about them being sticky when they were ready to eat.  Then I found someone who made them completely in the freezer and they didn't come out sticky.  I thought I'd shoot for the freezer, because I know I don't want sticky fingers and figured that no one else did either.  The freezer is the way to go, no stickiness!

I made 2 batches of them, one with Rum (super yummy) and one with Vodka (still pretty yummy).  All you do is put the gummy bears in a container, I used one of those fake Tupperware containers you can buy at the store.  Then you pour your alcohol of choice in, now let me tell you when I was reading all of these posts by others they all said to "cover" your gummy bears with alcohol....so I did, I made sure they were all covered.  My end result, after leaving them in the freezer for a week was drunken gummy bears.....still soaking in a bit of alcohol.  Not good! These guys tasted like a straight shot of alcohol, yuck!  

I ended up putting them in a strainer to get all of the excess alcohol out.  I then put half of them in a paper towel lined bowl, then I put another paper towel over that half and poured the remaining half on top of that.  As the hours went on, the bears became more and more enjoyable, until finally we were popping them like.....well, Gummy Bears!  The end result was a very yummy treat, but the taste tests we did along the way gave us all squinched up puckered faces.

Here's my adjusted recipe for Drunken Gummy Bears that I think will help them taste better.

  • bag of gummy bears
  • alcohol of your choice
  • plastic container with lid
  • 1 week of time 

Put the gummy bears in the plastic container and level them out.  Pour your alcohol of choice into the container giving yourself at least an inch of gummy bears above the alcohol.  Put the lid on top and stick the whole thing in the freezer for a week.  During that week, every 2 days I would give the container a good shaking to mix the gummy bears and whatever alcohol is left inside a good mixing.  At the end of the week, take the container out of the freezer and stick it into the refrigerator if you want them cold, or on top of your counter if you want them room temperature (I would stick them on the counter), so that they can thaw out for a good 6 hours.

I personally liked the Rum flavored bears better, but the vodka ones weren't half bad.  I guess it just depends on which alcohol you like best.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

The Cocktail Lady


  1. Last saturday, I decided to try the recipe! I used...drumrolllll (laugh)...GUMMY WORMS! I'll report back later...I'll take them out this Saturday!

    1. Oh how exciting!! I've hear you can use those and the Swedish Fish too! I can't wait to hear how they came out!!

    2. Still waiting....

  2. Ok, I'm a little confused by the directions. If I put them in a container, but the gummies are an inch higher than the liquor, then either I've found some super jumbo gummies, or I have some completely drowning and some not in the alcohol at all. Don't I? Do they absorb slowly enough that the "shake every 2 days" step sort of evens it all out?

    1. OK, so the alcohol is going to stay liquid until it's all absorbed into the gummies......which believe it or not, it did take the whole week.

      The reason why I said to make the pile of gummy bears higher then the alcohol, was b/c of all of the alcohol that was still in there (liquid form) at the end of the week. The bears were slimy and tasted like alcohol.....not in a good way.

      I would say that if you shake them around every 2 days that would get them all evenly coated by the end of your week. You can choose to give them a good shake once a day too, it's up to you. I would also (now thinking of it) on day 6, check to see if there is any liquid alcohol left in the container. If there is a lot, I would pour just about all of it (if not all of it) out. You definitely don't want them as slimy as they were for me.

      You will notice that your gummy bears will be a little bit bigger then normal once they've had their fill of alcohol.

      If you make these, let me know which way you did it and how they came out! =)