Thursday, February 16, 2012

Husbands Hurricane

Day 1

(5 stars out of 5)

Day One of my Year of Cocktails and I didn't have to search far to find my first cocktail recipe.  My husband has his own version of a Hurricane that I MUST say is absolutely awesome!  Now my husband isn't one for "measuring" anything, he just adds and pours and announces how much he's put in.  Me on the other hand, I have my measuring cups, spoons and shot glasses with me and ready to use so that I know exactly how much of each item I'm adding in.

Tonight's drink I give 5 stars out of 5!  This is absolutely an
 amazing drink.  There are quite a few different ingredients to make it......maybe all of the different ingredients is why I've never ventured away from my "vodka cran" and "rum & coke" 2-ingredient cocktails when I'm making a drink?  I think too many ingredients used to scare me, but not anymore!  I'm a cocktail adventurer now!  Bring on the multiple ingredients.

OK, so here's the recipe for "Husbands Hurricane Cocktail":

We made this drink in a cocktail shaker.  You can make it in your glass if you like, but it's less messy in a shaker, especially if you choose to vigorously stir it instead of shaking it in the shaker.

In your shaker put:

·                     6 ice cubes (see I told you I like to measure and know exactly what I'm adding into my cocktails)
·                     1/2 of a shot of Myers's Rum-original dark  (yes it's supposed to have the s's in Myers's....I had to double check)
·                     1 shot of Malibu Caribbean Rum with coconut liqueur
·                     1/2 of a shot of Bacardi Rum (the clear one)
·                     1tsp of Lime Juice
·                     1tsp of Cointreau
·                     2 shots of Pineapple Juice 
·                     2 shots of Orange Juice (you can use the kind and pulpiness you like, mine has to be Pulp Free)
·                     1 Tbs of Bar Syrup (which is the same thing as Simple Syrup)
Now you can either put your shaker top on it and give it a real good shaking, or you can stick a stir stick in it and give it a good vigorous stirring.  You can either pour it all into a glass like the one below, or choose to share and pour it into 2 shorter glasses.  Lastly pour a little swirl of Grenadine into your cocktail for a cool effect.  That's it, now you get to enjoy the awesomeness that is "Husbands Hurricane".

This is definitely going to be one of my new regular drinks to that I know how!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


 Here is a photo of the end product:                                    

hurricane cocktail, Myers rum, dark rum, malibu rum, coconut rum, rum, lime juice, cointreau, pineapple juice, orange juice, simple syrup

 Here is a photo of the main ingredients:

hurricane cocktail, Myers rum, dark rum, malibu rum, coconut rum, rum, lime juice, cointreau, pineapple juice, orange juice, simple syrup


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  1. yay! welcome to the blogosphere! I'm excited to follow along and learn new drinks. :-)

  2. I made this one this weekend - good stuff! I thought it would be sweet enough for me without the simple syrup so I left it out. The pineapple juice and orange juice sweetened it up nicely. I'll definitely make this one again.

    1. Oh Jan I'm glad you like this one! This is my absolute "Go To" cocktail when I just can't think of what I want. My husband will make these by the pitcher full when we have get togethers. It's a definite crowd pleaser!

    2. Your husband definitely made a winner! :)