Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dracula's Bite

Dracula's Bite

Black Vodka, vodka, cranberry juice, halloween, halloween cocktail, layered shot

I hope you are all getting your entries in on my UncommonGoods giveaway!  There's only a little bit of time left!  

'Tis the season for BLACK VODKA!!  

Yup, I busted out my Blavod bottle and decided to create a cocktail!  

I already have another one in mind for tomorrow too!!  


This year has been so jam packed with so many amazing things, that I have really not had a lot of time to give you wonderful people new and exciting cocktails......and for that I am sorry!  

I just bought a brand new bottle of cranberry juice and orange juice today, which gives me two easy yet delicious ingredients to play with!  They will come in handy for sure.  

Halloween and Christmas cocktails are my absolute favorite cocktails to make.  

They allow me to get a little artsy with my decor in the photos, ha ha.  Given that somehow Halloween is on Saturday, I knew I needed to get my cocktail butt in gear and give you all a couple fun, yet easy cocktails to make.

This cocktail is simple.  

Yes it is a layered cocktail, but I'll tell you, you almost can't screw up the layering.  

These two ingredients separate pretty darn well on their own and if you make it and feel it's not layered enough........just step back and give it a couple minutes, it'll work itself out.  

Now, when you see the quantity of the ingredients below you are going to think by looking at the picture that I mixed them up.  I promise you I didn't!  There are two reasons why they look backwards: 

1. I have spider webs around the bottom of the glass which is covering it a little.  

2. The ice is towards the top of the glass, so it makes the black vodka look huge in quantity....when it's not.  Anywho, for me, I need to drink this in big sips so that I get a good amount of the cranberry juice in each sip.  I forgot to do that with a couple and totally made that "tequila shot face".....yikes!

Here is a photo of the end result:

Black Vodka, vodka, cranberry juice, halloween, halloween cocktail, layered shot

Here is a photo of the ingredients:

Black Vodka, vodka, cranberry juice, halloween, halloween cocktail, layered shot

Here is my recipe for Dracula's Bite:

  • 3 ounces cranberry juice
  • 1 1/2 ounces black vodka

Fill a cocktail glass 3/4 with ice.  Pour in the cranberry juice.  On the back of a spoon, layer the black vodka on top and you're all set!

Here's to yet another Halloween sneaking up on me!  I hope I can pull it all together by Friday (kids parade at school).


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Cocktail Lady
Cocktail Lady

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  1. yum! that black vodka looks so cool!

  2. So cool! have bookmarked it so that i can use this once the lockdown is over..or maybe just start now! =P