Sunday, February 19, 2012

Black Russian

Day 4

Tonight's Cocktail : Black Russian
3 shots out of 5

The Black Russian has 2 simple ingredients for a great cocktail that is easy to make and drink.

In an attempt to find a cocktail that was not the same color as my last 3, I stumbled upon the Black Russian.  

This IS a 2-ingredient cocktail, BUT it's not the same 2 that I always go for, so that's a good thing.  

This is a cocktail that I've totally heard of, but never knew exactly what was in it.  

It's a simple drink really, quick and easy to make.  I do have to admit though.......forgetting how thick in flavor Kahlúa is, I honestly thought because of the amounts of each ingredient you put in that it would have more of a strong alcohol taste to it.  

I was pleasantly surprised that it really didn't.

For me, a Black Russian is a cocktail that I could really only drink one of.  

Not that it's super strong and I'd be on the floor if I was to make another one, its just not a refreshing enough drink to want more then one for me.  It's a cocktail that leaves its taste in your mouth and that's fine for a little while, but then I feel like I just want to go brush my teeth and tongue to get rid of the flavor.  

Not that it's a bad flavor, its just that certain flavors should only linger for so long.

Tomorrow I definitely need to go shopping!  

I am finding quite a few cocktails with Blue Curaçao, other flavored liqueurs, Cherry Brandy, bitters and other alcohols and mixes I can't think of right now.  

I guess my rum, vodka, orange juice and pineapple juice can only get me so far into my 365 days......unless I want all of my drinks to look oddly the same color.

Here is a photo of the end result:

black russian cocktail, vodka, kahlua, coffee liqueur

Here is a photo of the ingredients:

black russian cocktail, vodka, kahlua, coffee liqueur

Here's the recipe to make a Black Russian:

  • 3 cracked ice cubes
  • 2 shots of vodka
  • 1 shot of Kahlúa

Basically you take 3 ice cubes, put them in a Ziploc and break them up a little with a mallet or something hard enough to get the job done.  Next you put your ice into a short glass.  Pour in your vodka and Kahlúa and stir. That's it.  Simple enough.


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