Monday, April 23, 2012

Bacmar International LLC. Review



Bacmar International LLC. shipped me a box with 2 of their products inside as well as a flier and recipe booklet.  I was sent a free product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  All views in this post are mine and I was not compensated for them in any way.

Here is a photo of what I received:

Here are the two bottles:

My husband and I opened up the bottle of their Spiced Rum called "The Lash" first.  On the flier they sent us it shows that you should enjoy this rum either "Neat" (which means pouring it into a cocktail glass by itself) or "On The Rocks" (which means putting ice into your cocktail glass before pouring the rum inside).  We chose to try it "On The Rocks".  

I must say, WOW!  As you all know I am not one who likes the straight up flavor of alcohol and will usually mask it with fruit mixes or something else.  This rum "The Lash", I could HONESTLY drink it as is on the rocks!  The flavors in this rum were VERY good.  I could definitely taste the oakey flavor as well as the spices.  My husband and I both could taste what we believe is clove flavoring in the rum which is a very nice touch.  I would definitely buy this rum again and again if they sold it in our state!  I could see myself buying it for my friends and family who enjoy rum as well.  All in all, The Lash got 5 shots out of 5 from The Cocktail Lady!!

Here are photos of how we enjoyed it:

Next I opened up the bottle of Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur.  First I smelled the inside of the bottle, yum!  It smelled like a Starbucks Chai Lattel!  I couldn't wait to try it, so I poured a small amount into my shot glass and took a sip.  This stuff is GOOD!  It actually tasted a bit like Egg Nog to me, which I surprisingly really liked!  I had my husband try it too and he said the same thing.  I could not wait to try it in a why wait?  Tonight's cocktail is a Chai Berry Martini.  Voyant Chai got 5 shots out of 5 from The Cocktail Lady as well!!

Here is a photo of the Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur bottle:

 If and when they start distributing these two items in my state I guarantee that I will DEFINITELY buy them both again!  Thank You to Bacmar International LLC. for making and shipping these products to me to try.  I will be enjoying these two bottles for nights to come!   Cheers!!

I want to include the web sites for each item that they've sent me.  Check them out!  I can't wait until they distribute in my state!!

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