Monday, May 28, 2012

Red White & Blue Shooter

Day 103

Red White & Blue Shooter
2.5 shots out of 5

Happy Memorial Day to those of you who live in the USA.  

What a well needed holiday weekend that was!  

My boys only have 2 weeks of school left and this was a good break from the crazy last few weeks we've been having!

I gave tonight's cocktail 2.5 shots out of 5.  

Filling my shot glass up 1/3 of the way with grenadine had me not wanting to try this, because I thought it would taste too grenadiney-syrupy.  

I actually tasted the peach schnapps and blue curacao more then the grenadine though, I must say.  

This shot wasn't horrible at all.  

It wasn't my favorite cocktail in the world just laid somewhere in between.  

I tried my "hardest" to layer this one, I really did!!  All of the different versions I saw of this shot had the perfect layers in them......not mine. 

My grenadine went well (could you imagine if it didn't?  Then I'd really suck at this), then came the peach schnapps........yea, not so well.......but the blue curacao floated on top just fine.  

Oh well......maybe after another 103 days I'll get the hang of this....

Here is a photo of the end result:

Here is a photo of the ingredients:

Here is the recipe for Red White & Blue Shooter:

  • 1/3 shot blue curacao
  • 1/3 shot peach schnapps
  • 1/3 shot grenadine

In a shot glass pour your grenadine, then over the back of a spoon tilted down toward the side of the shot glass, slowly pour your peach schnapps.  Again on the back of that same spoon held the same way, pour your blue curacao slowly.

Cheers to layered of these days I tell of these days!!

The Cocktail Lady
Cocktail Lady
Cocktail Lady

Hello! My name is Jen and I am The Cocktail Lady. I am a married mom of 4 who loves creating and trying new cocktails.


  1. I'd like to see a bartender make this drink and make the colors float the right way.

    The reason it's not working is bc the drink with the least amount of sugar content needs to be on top. Is blue curacao more syrupy then the schnapps?

    1. Right, that's exactly right when layering drinks. You know the problem wasn't the blue curacao, that one floated fine. My problem was the Peach Schnapps, it just blended into the grenadine. I was able to see the "faintest" layer of white on top of the red......but it wasn't enough to really catch on camera. If you look at where the blue and red meet, there's this color they make and that's the peach schnapps trying to make an appearance. Oh of these days, lol.