Thursday, September 26, 2013

Parrot Bay

I was sent these three Parrot Bay Frozen cocktails to try and review.  I was sent a free product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  All views in this post are mine and I was not compensated for them in any way.

I'm sure you've seen them at the grocery/liquor stores before.  They look like adult sized Capri Suns.  I was excited to try these three flavors as I love Piña Colada, I really enjoy berry daiquiri's and I have never tried a frozen citrus daiquiri before.

Basically what you do is stick the pouches in your freezer for about eight hours.  After that you squeeze the pouches until the frozen drink inside becomes loosened/slushy.  All that is left to do is cut open the top (or totally treat it like a Capri Sun and poke a hole in it and insert a straw) and squeeze your frozen cocktail out and into a glass to enjoy.

These pouches, in my opinion, are pretty awesome.  No messy blender to clean and no measuring, all of that is done for you.

The three flavors I received were Citrus Daiquiri, Berry Daiquiri and Piña Colada.  I have to say all three flavors are amazing.  I was surprised that I liked the citrus daiquiri as much as I did.  I think the berry daiquiri and piña colada are my favorites (not sure which one I like better, I think it would definitely depend on the mood I was in), followed closely by the citrus daiquiri.  

All in all, I would definitely purchase these items and even try their other flavors in the future.  These are quick and easy cocktails to make and enjoy and are definitely Cocktail Lady approved!

Here are some photos of what I got and what they look like in glasses:

These Parrot Bay Frozen cocktails are fantastic, I hope you get to try one soon!


The Cocktail Lady

Friday, September 20, 2013

ChocolatRouge the other one

OK, I finally did it.  I bought the "other" ChocolatRouge wine.  The one that looks like chocolate milk in a bottle.  Remember about a month and a half ago I was invited to a chocolate party and was told that I can bring a bottle of wine to share?  No? Here's the post.  That bottle of wine was surprisingly quite much so that I kept on getting compliments that night of how great it tasted.  When I had bought that first bottle (yes I have purchased a few more since then) of chocolate wine, sitting right next to it on the same shelf was another bottle of chocolate wine but this one you chill before drinking.  Looking at the bottle and the fact that it looked like chocolate milk.....I got a little scared and just couldn't bring myself to purchasing it.  

Quite a few shopping trips later I finally got the courage to purchase that bottle and stick it in the fridge.  Tonight is the night I finally try that chilled chocolate wine.

First things first.  I like the first bottle better.  Hands down.  That being said, this bottle of wine is not horrible.  I just simply prefer the more red wine taste of the other bottle to the......well......sort of spiked chocolate milk taste of this bottle.  I have talked to a couple friends who have tried, if not this wine one like it, and said that it's great and that they really enjoyed it.  It really is a taste preference thing.  I am not sure that I will finish this bottle but I am glad to say that I tried it.  If you have the opportunity to try these two wines I would love to hear what you think about them.

Here is what the bottle looks like as well as a poured glass:

I hope you  have a great weekend!!


The Cocktail Lady

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dirty Bastard

I keep telling you how crazy our weeks are, thinking that this next week will settle down a bit........ but they continue to be crazy.  Another crazy week gone and we're relaxing this weekend and getting ready for the next.  

This is the first weekend in a long time that I can remember that we have been able to just (more or less because there's always "something" kid related that gets us out of the house) stay home and relax.  It is really nice being able to sit around the house all day in our pj's.  I love weekends like this.

I found this cocktail recipe on the Cosmopolitan website.  I still don't have a copper cup like the one pictures on Cosmo, but the directions say to strain it into a glass, so I did.  Let me just say, LIME, yes lime is the one thing in this cocktail that I really really taste.  At the end of my sip I can taste a smidgen of the Irish Whiskey, but that's it.  I think maybe half the amount of lime juice I used would be a lot better, especially for those of you who enjoy the taste (and would like to  actually taste the whiskey) of Irish Whiskey.  Now this cocktail is not horrid, but it is quite limey.  If you REALLY enjoy the taste of lime juice in your cocktails, then I believe this cocktail is for you!

Here is the recipe for a Dirty Bastard:

  • 1 1/2 ounces Irish Whiskey
  • 1 ounce lime juice
  • 1/4 ounce simple syrup
  • 5 dashes bitters
  • 1/2 ounce ginger beer
In a cocktail shaker, add ice and all of the ingredients above except for the ginger beer.  Shake and strain your cocktail into a short glass.  Top off your cocktail with the ginger beer.

Here is a photo of the end result:

Here is a photo of the ingredients:

Here's to everyone having a great weekend!


The Cocktail Lady

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Happy Wednesday!  Today I have a post for you that is about a cocktail I have not yet made or tried.  This cocktail is called Caipirinha  I do hope to try it one day though.  Below you will find where the article came from, the article itself and a cool diagram of how to make this cocktail.  I hope you all enjoy it!

"Provided by Sunset Visitor - a luxury Brazilian hotel booking site"

A Brazil native, the Caipirinha has been around a long time. Pronounced kai-purr-een-yuh it’s conception is unclear (it is only four ingredients after all) but one way it’s thought to have been created is by workers in the sugar cane fields, who were looking for a more palatable way of drinking the cachaça (ka-shah-sa) they were producing.

Cachaça is another Brazilian drink, a strong spirit, and perhaps not one that’s known well enough outside of Latin countries. Similar to Rum (but not as easy to drink on its own) cachaça is made from sugar cane and has a strong aroma and flavour due to its distillation – think slightly sweeter vodka.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can always put mint in with the lime before muddling, or add other fruits like strawberries or peaches after creating your Caipirinha to give it a sweeter taste. There are no hard-and-fast rules for creating a Caipirinha, so go with what you feel.


  • 1 Lime
  • Crushed (or cubed) ice
  • Cachaça (how much you have is up to you, though 2 shots is a good starting point)
  • Sugar


1. Take your lime and cut it into eighths. Remove the white rind from the inside (this part is bitter) and put them into your shaker or glass, depending on how strong your glass is.

2. Muddle the limes together with the sugar to release the juices – the sugar will help break up the lime more.

3. If not already done, put the muddled lime and sugar into a glass, then cover with ice.

4. Pour cachaça over ice, stir and enjoy!